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"Come break bread
with me!"


4.8/5 Stars


5/5 Stars


Chef Huyen asked us for our favorite foods, dietary restrictions, and and made an  amazing menu incorporating all our want and needs! Food was FANTASTIC, service was fab, and Chef Huyen was a pleasure to work with: 11/10 highly recommend.

Miranda S 2-2022


Huyen was everything you could have want in a private chef. We collaborated on a menu for my sister's Bachelorette in Palm Springs this past weekend, and she delivered! She was so responsive in the lead up to the evening, with a strong attention to detail (allergies, timing, location, etc.) without being boring. She and our waiter were so kind, thoughtful, and fun! The food was amazing, with everything tasting incredible and the presentation was divine.

The conversations with her throughout courses was even better. She explained how she always tries to find the story behind a dish if it is something she hasn't made before. It was the cherry on top to an incredible meal/experience.

Huyen is going to be a staple whenever I celebrate in the desert!

Maddie L. 6-2021

Sweet or Savory


About Us


Huyen (pronounced “when”) is the owner of the

company Say Huyen Catering and is a lifelong veteran

of the food industry. From working in her parent’s

restaurant as a child, to bartending, serving, running a

busy catering division for a popular eatery in Pasadena,

California and eventually running her own catering

company. Huyen has done it all and continues to do it

day in and day out. Born in Vietnam and raised in

Chicago. Huyen began at an early age working in her

parent’s restaurant. “Having the experience at such a

young age helped me learn the multiple disciplines of

cooking.” Huyen was always a natural in the Kitchen and

understood at an early age what her true calling would

be. Working throughout her childhood and high school

years, Huyen continued to hone her skills. At 23 she headed to California to tackle a new region and all it had to offer in regards to food. Taking multiple jobs, sometimes all at once to support her family, Huyen didn’t take these jobs for granted as just a way to make ends meet. She became a sponge and tried to soak up as much knowledge as possible at each job. With all of her experience she finally asked this question a few years ago. “Why can’t I do this myself, make my own decisions and take control of what I do best?” Her answer of course was “why not” and Say Huyen Catering was born.

From intimate parties of 12 to large gatherings of 250, Huyen can do it all. Sweet or savory she can customize any menu to your liking. Huyen is not a graduate of any prestigious brick and mortar culinary institution but rather a graduate of another great culinary school, the school of life.

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